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Marco Polo Excursion

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us. As the owner and captain of the motorboat Dužac-Marco Polo, I can offer you two different excursions together with our crew.
A half-day tour to discover the beauties of the western part of the Istrian aquatorium or a panoramic tour of the coast of Poreč.

The wooden motorboat Dužac-Marco Polo, built in Dalmatia in 1962, I bought and completely renovated together with my son Mario with the support of the family in 2022. With 85 seats on two decks, a bar, a new kitchen, and ladies’ and men’s toilets, we embarked on a maritime adventure to relax and entertain our guests with the sound of waves and the beautiful coast on their vacation day they entrusted us with their arrival in Poreč.

This tourist season, we can organize two day trips for you and group boat rent

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Half-day trip with a visit to Vrsar, Lim Channel and the city of Rovinj, including lunch on board, swimming and jumping from the anchored ship.

Panoramic tour of the Poreč aquatorium in the afternoon, sunset in the sea, with a chance of seeing dolphins

For organized groups, we can make changes to the travel itinerary, menu selection, and certain price adjustments by agreement with the organizer in advance!

Unforgettable Boat Experience.

Dužac is an attractive motor windjammer, type LOGER, built in Biograd in 1961 in a dockyard owned by family Uroda. It is a typical croatian arboreous boat 20 meters long, 5 meters wide, with a capacity of 85 passangers, located on 2 decks, with a kitchen and 2 toilets.
Dužac is a boat built as a cargo vessel for a transport of diverse cargos along the Adriatic coast. Furthermore, it also served for extraction and transportation of sand from the sea. With the lack of need for sand and with a development of tourism, the boat was rearranged for transport of passangers on a one-day trip, as well as being arranged for pleasant stay of guests on the boat, for many years of experience.

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